We provide our customers only with the best products which are made from high quality materials and are manufactured in Latvia.

Company goal is to make our customers happy!

We provide our clients with products like

  • Different kind of straps for lifting and cargo
  • Safety harnesses for climbing
  • Slings for climbing, lifting and safety
  • Ropes with different fibre

We use products that are covered with high quality polyester yarn that protects products from any external elements. As well as products that are impregnated for water and oil repellence. And for roundslings and webbing slings we use abrasion resistant sleeve that provides extra strength. All products are provided with hight strength 100% polyester.

Our products are used for

Heavy lifting

Working at height




Staging industry

Most popular products by our clients: Slings with maximum lifting capacity of 2T and 50mm Straps.

Least popular product by our clients: Slings with maximum lifting capacity of 6T.


Our products are covered by our Product Liability Insurance Policy, written in amount of 2 million euro. Insurance ir valid in all EU countries.